Iceland: Day 4.

Day Four; Whale Watching & The South Coast

I sea birds but no whale.

After checking the weather and wind forecast religiously we headed into Reykjavik, hoping for a day of whale watching and praying that we’d at least see some a dolphin. Unfortunately, it was not to be. We were loaded onto a bus and driven 20 minutes to the neighbouring town of Hafnarfjördur where our tour was setting off from.


Three hours at sea later and all we had seen were some gulls and northern gannets. We think that due to us arriving at the arse end of Hurricane Nicole, all of the fish had gone to deeper waters and the whale had clearly followed. So not only was our trip unfruitful, it was rather choppy as well, but thanks to the free sea sickness pills handed out at reception there were no casualties in our party. Props to Elding, who gave us complimentary tickets (usable for 2 years) because we didn’t see anything.

fullsizeoutput_1704fullsizeoutput_16fbfullsizeoutput_1706fullsizeoutput_171dfullsizeoutput_171bfullsizeoutput_16efDocking back at Reykjavík made it easier for us to find somewhere to do some home on wheels admin, or so we thought… Two hours later and we were still driving around town, in between stops to swear at each other, trying to find a place to dump our grey water and clean out the on board toilet. Finally, we found a station that had the facilities and a bonus of Icelandic hot dogs. If you’re ever trying these delicacies make sure to get both types of onion and put all types of sauce on them. There isn’t much eating in them but they’re pretty good as a snack and all the added extras make them feel pretty special. Success on the admin front but after that fiasco tensions were pretty fraught.

fullsizeoutput_170eAfter all that, we were on the road again, heading for the south coast and following route 1 through the mountain pass to Skóga, for our evening pitch. Arriving just before sunset we managed to take in the beauty of the Skógafoss waterfall and its stunning surroundings, if not slightly tarred by the black cloud building in camp.


Three nights in though, and still no sign of the aurora borealis.


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